A Culture of Learning

Hi! So, what have you been learning lately? One person told me that we really haven’t learned unless we have changed! What do you think? Real learning will change something: our perspective, our behavior, our values. The fact is, if we are not learning, we are not growing.


So, what are some ways we can learn?

  1. Learn from reading. Leaders are readers. Make reading part of your job description! It is that important. Through reading, you learn another perspective. It keeps you current. Personally, I find myself reading more blogs than books. I’m not sure if that’s best, but I know it’s an effective way to learn about new ideas and trends.
  1. Learn from others. We simply don’t have time to make all the mistakes—life is too short! The wisest thing is to learn from others’ successes and failures. Who are you learning from? Find someone or some ministry that can be a model for you. Don’t imitate them, but learn from them.

We need more “learn-it-alls” and fewer “know-it-alls!”

  1. Learn from seminars. I’d like to see every pastor attend at least one conference/seminar this year. Getting away from your routine and seeing another ministry is invaluable. Find a conference and go to it!


How are you learning? Here are a few links to help us learn:

  • Register for the 2016 Summit (August 11-12, 2016). We’ll have a private screening of the simulcast at the Conference Office at a discounted price of $50 a person including lunches and notebook. Email nancy@pacificecna.org for the savings code, then register here: https://goo.gl/aJ0Rp5
  • Download this complimentary ebook to start identifying which of the top 10 leadership styles you are and take 4 steps to discover and develop your leadership style. https://goo.gl/oYlm6m

One Comment Add yours

  1. Jim says:

    Thanks for sharing these tools and for bringing good learning to all of us.


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