Easter Sunday and “High Days”


There is no doubt that Easter Sunday is one of the highlights in ministry. Hopefully you had a great Sunday! How did it go for you? I’d love to hear your stories! Will you share at the end of today’s blog?

I’d love to hear your stories! Will you share at the end of today’s blog?


Easter Sunday has been called a “high day” because it is a day when people are more likely to come to church. In fact, it may be the best attended Sunday of the year. The other “high days” include Christmas (usually Christmas Eve) and Mother’s Day. I’ve often said that on Mother’s day, moms want their families to be in church. In contrast, dads usually prefer the lake on Father’s day! Go figure!

Here are a few observations about “High Days.”

  1. High Days show us our potential. As you look at who attended this past Sunday, you probably have a pretty good idea who is making a connection, even the smallest bit, to your church. Now, I know that a crowd is not a church, but those who came have some interest. How awesome would it be if each guest was part of the family by this time next year!?!
  1. High Days help us look beyond ourselves. So much of what we do at church is about us. A “high day”, such as Easter, is an opportunity to invite others in a non-threatening way. Everyone likes an invitation. I read that 80% of the people who currently attend church were invited by a friend or family member.
  1. High Days point people to Jesus. I love how the Gospel can be shared in a more intentional way on special days. What a pity if someone is invited to church, but not invited to Jesus. High days should be one Sunday we make salvation as clear as possible.

What a pity if someone is invited to church, but not invited to Jesus.


Psalm 9:1 says, “I will praise you, Lord, with all my heart; I will tell of all the marvelous things you have done.” So, will you share about your Easter Sunday? What happened? What did God do? After the energy and excitement of the weekend, let’s be sure to take the time to celebrate!

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  1. mark duhrkoop says:

    We had a great Easter at Happy Valley Randy which included (my favorite) Annie singing for the first time since her cancer surgeries. We as a church cried and praised God for His grace . God is so good!

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  2. suptrandy says:

    Thanks for sharing that. Wow!


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