Under the leadership of Superintendent Randy Myers, the Pacific Conference helps build healthy local churches by offering support and resources to our fifty-three churches in Oregon and Washington as they reach their communities with the love of Jesus.

Supt. Randy has a long history with the Evangelical church as the son of a former superintendent. Randy and his wife, Linda, served for more than thirty years at New Hope Church in Bend, Oregon. Their ministry and leadership there were instrumental in the growth of the church and give Randy great insight into how to lead The Pacific Conference to help build healthy local churches.

He and Linda make their home in Damascus, Oregon, and love spending time with their two grown sons, daughters-in-law, and five granddaughters; bike-riding; and exploring this side of the mountains.

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  1. Dan Grove says:

    Randy, I’m a minister, probably about your age, who has come to realize how unteachable I’ve been in some vital areas. I discovered your blog, and am very grateful for the things you’ve written. I just wanted to share that, as a confession, and a thanks, and perhaps a request for prayer. Thank you.
    Dan Grove


  2. Miss you guys so much…


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