Lessons from a Sabbatical


Another takeaway from our Sabbatical was the need for reflection. Reflection doesn’t solve problems; in fact, sometimes it reveals them. A Sabbatical is not a cure-all for all that ails us, but a time to seriously think through where you are in life and what God has for you in the future.

To reflect means “think deeply or carefully about something.” As you know, I tend to be a doer, and I’m not always good at slowing down and taking the needed time to reflect. This Sabbatical helped me with that!


On our Sabbatical, we reflected on two specific things: My role as Superintendent and retirement. Here are some of the conclusions Linda and I made as we prayed and talked together.

  1. THE NEXT YEAR: Some of you may not know, but this coming year will be my last year as your Superintendent. It’s been a joy and privilege to serve in this capacity these past six years. Thank you!

    So what’s next? During the next year I plan to continue with the current ministries and connections with our pastors and churches.  However, the Sabbatical Grant allowed me to complete a Church Revitalization Certification course. Most of the revitalization we have offered the local church has been through outside ministries such as Turnaround. During this last year, I would like to come alongside 2-3 churches to help more directly with their revitalization.

    For starters, every church needs to know three things. They need to know their pastor, their congregation, and their community. I have tools to help measure that and bring a clearer perspective on what a church needs to do next. Email me if you want to be one of those churches!
  2. THE NEXT SEASON: During my Sabbatical, we did some reading about retirement, and I also received some personal coaching.  There are two primary questions in retirement: What are you going to do? And where are you going to live? We have clarity about the what, and we are still working through the where

    For me, doing ministry in retirement is not about money but meaning. In retirement, I plan to work as a Church Consultant and a Life Coach/Teacher. It is clear to us that God could use my past experiences as a local pastor and now as a Superintendent to help pastors and local churches. I pray I can do just that.


Just a reminder. I will share more in-depth at my next Superintendent’s Zoom meeting, October 14th at 9:00 AM (Pacific Time). Please mark it down on your calendars.

Finally, this month is Pastor Appreciation Month! Here is two links for more information about how you can love your pastor this month:

1) A free “Guide to Pastor Appreciation Month” from Focus on the Family:  https://www.dropbox.com/s/14l58807am2vjql/2021Clergy-Appreciation-Month.pdf?dl=0 .

2) A number of posts on Pastor Appreciation Month by Chuck Lawless: http://chucklawless.com/2021/10/4-posts-on-pastor-appreciation-month/ .

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