Quotes from Conference

These past few days we’ve gathered our pastors and leaders for our Annual Conference. This is our business session but amidst the motions and seconds, approving the budget, and ratifying decisions, we’ve spent  time in meaningful prayer and learning about our Core Commitments as a tribe–what we believe matters most.

The Conference will be over today. So far we’ve covered four of five commitments: Biblical Faithfulness, Spiritual Transformation, Evangelistic Conviction, and Local Connection. This morning we’ll finish up with the final commitment: Local Church Focus. These are the non-negotiables for our group, what we call the “rules of the pool.”

Over the course of our sessions, we’ve heard some wise words, full of conviction, and some winsome words, full of grace. Here are just a few of the quotes worth reflecting on…

Whenever I pray for the lost, I end up with the heart of God for the lost. – Drew Berryessa

You can tell the real vision of your church by listening to the stories that are told, the prayer requests that are given and the complaints people make. That reveals what people think are important.  Steve Strutz

Healthy families don’t shy away from hard conversations where there are differences of opinion, instead, healthy families see these conversations as opportunities to strengthen relationships and build unity. – Ryan Thorson

You value what you count and you count what you value. – Gary Englert

Too often, the church is known for what it is against, instead of what it’s for. – Drew Berryessa

Displaced hope always leads to despair. The only hope we have is God and His promises.  – Randy Myers

We can never lose our faith in the Gospel. It is the power to change lives. Steve Strutz

The beginning of evangelism is knowing how to ask the right questions. – John Rozzelle

“Biblical faithfulness is truly opening yourself up to who God really is.” – Roger Nam

“We are making shifts in our Denomination! From an American Church to an International Church. From churches which are mostly white-anglo to multi-ethnic.”  Randy Myers

“Just because we like what we’re doing doesn’t mean we should keep doing what we’re doing.” — Randy Myers

“Hope is healing” — Randy Myers

“If you’re going to lead change, you’re going to disappoint people.” — Ed Grover

“It’s 9:51. Let’s pray” — Brian Eckhardt, Rob Griffes

“So often we want God to do the same thing, when God wants to do a new thing.” — Rob Griffes

“It’s 10:02 and Luke 10:2 says, ‘The harvest is plentiful, but the workers are few. Ask the Lord of the harvest, therefore, to send out workers into his harvest field.’ — Wayne Schock before praying for God to raise up church planters

“Sharing the fire keeps us lit.” — answer in response to why we should share the Gospel.

“How much do you have to hate someone to not share the Gospel with them?” — Penn of Penn & Teller

“Sorry, Jeremiah. I won’t be your favorite speaker. I decided to have all my hair on top.” — Brian Eckhardt

“As holiness people, we shouldn’t stink. We should have a wonderful aroma about us.” — Brian Eckhardt quoting Cliff Good in his teaching at PESM.

“Coaching can be a routine lesson in humility” — Nancy Austin

“Great theological treatise, but sermons must be preached to people” — Brian Eckhardt

“Practice in the church is very dangerous if it doesn’t have a theological basis of truth. There needs to be a balance between theory and practice in ministry.” — Brian

“Your local church is part of the body of Christ, but it doesn’t contain the body of Christ. A healthy local church is in connection with other churches. We can’t be healthy on our own, and we can’t accomplish God’s mission on our own.” Brian Eckhardt

Here are a handful of resources that were recommended by our team:
The Autopsy of a Deceased Church by Tom Rainer
Fully Alive, A Biblical Vision of Gender by Dr. Larry Crabb

For those at the Conference, I’d love your additions to the this list of quotes!

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