Conference is Coming!

Yes, Conference is coming! Next week is our Annual Conference at Valley View Church (November 12-14, 2018). I look forward to seeing many of you! Once again, we’re moving our time together away from the exclusively business and information formats of the past and adding what we hope will be encouraging and inspiring. Yes, we will do some business, but, most of all, we desire to grow together and sense God’s presence and leading for our Conference.


Here are three big things to look forward to at Conference!

Our emphasis.

This year our theme is “What Matters Most!” We can even let good things keep us away from the most important things. As a Pacific Conference we have identified five core commitments. These values keep us together as we work together. I’ve shared them in previous blog but here is the list, just to remind you:

  1. Biblical Commitment. The Bible is where we get our marching orders. It is inspired by God and our life manual.
  2. Spiritual Transformation. God changes us. We believe in the power of the Holy Spirit to fill us and empower us to live holy lives for His glory.
  3. Evangelistic Conviction. Jesus came to “seek and to save what was lost” (Luke 19:10.) We have a mandate to share the Good News to a world that needs Jesus.
  4. Relational Connectedness. We are a family. The Conference is about relationship, not just organization. We care and support one another.
  5. Local Church Focused. The local church is where things happen! The Conference exists for the local church, not vice versa

We’ll be sharing and going deeper in each area during our Conference.

Our Speakers.

Steve Strutz is our main speaker at Conference. He will be sharing about a new movement in our Denomination called “951.”

Our break away sessions, on Tuesday afternoon, will be taught by various speakers:

Roger Nam, Portland Seminary
Roger joins us to speak to our Core Commitment of Biblical Faithfulness. His role at the seminary places him at the crossroads of culture and scripture and the tension that brings.

Drew Berryessa, A Living Letter
Drew will speak directly to our Core Commitment of Spiritual Transformation, specifically to help us understand and respond to the issues of sexual brokenness, using a fully Biblical foundation, equally rooted in truth and love.

John Rozzelle, Cru 
John’s session will address our Core Commitment of Evangelistic Conviction, drawing on his heart to build movements of evangelism and discipleship in today’s Generation Z.

Our Dialogue.

Women in Ministry. Local Church spotlights. Restructuring. These are just of few of the topics we’ll be discussing together. Some are emotionally charged, all are important. We’re looking forward to hearing from our tribe about their experiences, concerns, and convictions. During our breaks there will be many kiosks and booths where we talk about different ministry opportunities.


Our days will be long and full but our prayer is that at the end of the Conference we will be refreshed and encouraged by God presence in our midst and our time together. Please be praying for Annual Conference!

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Emery Grantier says:

    I have added those dates to my prayer list. Who is invited?


    1. Hi Emery! Anyone can come and attend. Lay members and pastors are the ones who can vote on issues, though.


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