7 Things to Pray for Your Church

I don’t pray enough. One thing that helps me in my prayer time is having a guide for what I am to pray about. Here’s my list for us to pray for the local church. I hope it will prompt you to pray more for your church.

Let’s Talk

Here’s my list. You can even pray as you read this blog.

  1. Pray for your pastors and leaders. Ask God for his leading as your pastor prepares for the message for this weekend. Pray for wisdom as decisions are made by your leaders.
  2. Pray for people who are regular attenders and members. Pick as family or two that you know and pray for them by name. Pray for God’s blessing and provision in their lives. Ask God to help them in their place in the church family. Pray they  will use their gifts and time and resources to encourage and bless others.
  3. Pray for newcomers who may attend. Expect visitors in your service! Pray that they will feel welcomed. Ask God to give you opportunities this week to invite someone to church.
  4. Pray for worship time. Make sure you are ready for worship. Ask God for him to give you a heart of worship. Pray for the worship team as they prepare and ask God to honored and gloried in your worship.
  5. Pray for the preaching and teaching of God’s word. Ask God to use the sermon to speak to you. Be listening to God’s special word for you. Ask God to open your ears to convict and convince you about His best for your life. Pray that the enemy would not snatch His word from people’s heart.
  6. Pray for the unity. Ask God that the church would have a clear and unified vision. Ask Him to keep you focused on what really matters and to set aside petty differences. Ask Him to help you keep your eyes on Jesus!
  7. Pray for life transformation. Seek God’s Spirit to make a difference in people’s lives. Pray that people would come to faith in Christ this Sunday! Ask God to help you follow Him more closely. Pray that you would be more conformed to His will in the way you think and live each day.

Before You Go

Let’s commit together to pray for the church. Though we gather separately, we are all the Bride of Christ. Sometime today and for the next three Wednesdays, let’s commit to pray for the church—both the local churches we attend and the greater church around the world. Comment below to let me know you’re in!

4 Comments Add yours

  1. Bill Vermillion says:

    Amen and so nice to see that we are praying similarly! We also use the church dirctroy.as a prayer guide.

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  2. WAYNE B SCHOCK says:

    Hey Randy,
    I’m in.

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  3. Virginia says:

    Thanks Randy I will add this to My Friday 951 prayer time. I working Fridays driving all over . I find myself waiting for my phone alarm to go off.
    Then start praying as I drive. Love praying knowing that I’m joining others all over the US on Friday s . Then go to church on Sundays with anticipation .
    Looking for where our Lord is going to work . Love it and love Him

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  4. Jen chamberlain says:

    I think it is a wonderful idea to pray for the church . In our world today individually and collectively as much communication and help we can get is so much needed . The outline really helps . Thank you Pastor . 🙏😜

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