My Top Ten Apps

This week’s blog is on the light side. Most of us are using tablets and smartphones on a daily basis. In fact, they have become an integral part of our interaction with others. Some of you may not know what an “app” is. The dictionary defines it as “an application, especially as downloaded by a user to a mobile device.” The two primary places to find apps are the App Store for iPhone and iPads and the Play Store for Android devices.


So here are ten of my favorite apps and why I like them.

  1. Evernote is like a file cabinet in which you can file anything and have access to it anywhere. You can store anything from pictures to notes to recordings. What I like most about it is that is has a very good search engine. It even can recognize words in graphics such as maps.
  2. PDF Expert (Iso only). I use an iPad for my tablet. One of my go-to apps is PDF Expert. It is much more than a reader. You can edit, highlight, add signatures, and draw on any PDF document.
  3. Dropbox. This app is very easy to use. It allows you to share documents as well as provide you with additional storage. The app also syncs across platforms. When you save it to Dropbox, you can update the same file on your home computer, smartphone, and tablet.
  4. YouVersion. If you don’t have YouVersion, you are missing out. This is a free app that gives you access to multiple translations of the Bible. It also has various Reading Plans that can help you in your daily quiet time. I personally am using the “Life Journal Reading Plan.”
  5. Kindle. This is a reading app from Amazon. I read a number of books on Kindle. It also syncs across platforms. I use another app called “Instapaper” that clips online articles and forwards it to my kindle to read.
  6. Planning Center. More and more churches are using this app for Worship planning and people management. It has a very good check-in system for children. The app is not free but is worth it and pricing is on a sliding scale so you get all of the features even for a smaller setting.
  7. Stitcher. I use this app to listen to my podcasts. You can easily organize your listening in categories. I really like the option to speed up the podcast. I often listen with the setting at 2X speed 😊.
  8. Overdrive. The library is a huge resource for free books, including audio and videos. Overdrive is just one app you can use to access your local library.
  9. GTasks (Android only). I have an android phone. I use this app to keep a “to do list” when I’m on the go. It is handy for reminders on my phone and syncs with my google account.
  10. Smartnews. There a plethora of news apps. I happen to use this one. It breaks the news up in various tabs from local to world news. I like the brevity and variety of the articles. It tends to hold to a “middle of the road” bias in their of sources and political views.


So what apps do you use? I’d love to hear what your favorites are and how you use them.


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  1. David says:

    I really like mint, it’s a budget app. Very simple and helpful.

    I like audible. It’s really easy to use and I find it more user friendly than overdrive. Though it’s a paid product so you get what you pay for.

    Spotify is my go to music app.

    Abide is a great meditation app

    Finally is the app “app usage.” This tracks your usage for all your apps. I find this helpful in regulating where my priorities are at.

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    1. I use Mint as well. Haven’t used Spotify or abide or audible.


  2. Merrit Hearing says:

    Randy, thank you for this. Can you please leave more details on the YouVersion app? Several possibilities came up and I am not sure which one you mean. I love my Webster’s Dict.; MLB At Bat…well, because; Astronomy Pic of the Day; Old Notepad (fabulous for keeping track of words, ideas, etc. and looks like an old-fashioned yellow note pad; Notes (anything I need or want to jot down to remember later; BBC News; ISS Spotter (I am just a geek about space); ESV Bible; All Classical Radio.

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    1. Merritt, great to hear from you! Here is a site to give you more details for YouVersion


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