What I Heard at General Convention!

Happy 4th of July! I hope you have a wonderful time with friends and family! These past few days we have been part of our General Conference in Portland, Oregon. This is a meeting that takes place every four years and gathers our leaders from all of our Conferences across the nation. We do a little business, share about what is happening in our local churches, and challenge one another to greater things for God’s kingdom. What a great time together! We heard from a number of our Evangelical Pastors from around the country. Here are a few of my favorite quotes from our General Convention!


Spiritual Growth

“Hurry is the great enemy of spiritual life in our day.” Lance Witt (Founder of Replenish)

“People don’t just want to be forgiven, they want to be delivered.” Brian Eckhardt

“The neglected soul doesn’t go away; it goes awry.” John Ortberg

“Sabbath should be a ‘get to’ not a ‘have to.’ It is one of God’s strategies for helping you live a life of rhythm. God puts value on work…6 days are for working hard and being productive. You can’t really appreciate Sabbath if you don’t work hard.” Lance Witt

“For many years, I was so busy worrying about everybody else’s spiritual life, that I neglected my own. The greatest gift you will give yourself and your church is your own healthy soul.” Lance Witt

Evangelism and Outreach

“God is always drawing people to himself…The people who were least like Jesus, liked Jesus the most.” Jeff Maness (Pastor of Element Church in Cheyenne, WI)

“When we really let Him in we maximize our sending potential.” Russ Couwenhoven (Supt. of North Central, Minneapolis, Minn).

“Sometimes people are just waiting to be invited into life with Jesus.” Cory Engel (Pastor of Harvest Springs Community Church, Great Falls, MT)

“Evangelism is not just something we do, it is who we are.” Jeff Maness

“Ask this simple question: ‘Has anyone ever asked if you want to know Jesus as your personal Savior?'” Jon Strutz (Lead Pastor at Mountain View Community in Oregon City).

“Here’s how I tell my congregation to fulfill the Great Commission: 1. Be a friend; 2. Share your story; and 3. disciple and mentor.” Werner Siebert (Pastor at Absorkee, MT)

“People are hungry for the Lord, we’ve been convinced that they are not. Our theme needs to be get ‘em saved, get ‘em saved, get ‘em saved, get ‘em saved.” Randy Butler (Senior Pastor at Salem Evangelical, Salem, OR)

Our History

“I love the Evangelical Church.” Brian Hotrum (Pastor at Sweet Home, Oregon)

“50 years ago, our early leaders were living and willing to die for believing the Bible was the Word of God and people needed to be transformed by Jesus!” Steve Strutz (Pastor of Faith E. in Billings, MT)

“The history of The Evangelical Church is not a bunch of cranky old people that didn’t want anything to change. They were rebels and pioneers who broke with the status quo in order to find new ways to share the gospel.” Brian Hotrum

“We left the United Brethren Church just slightly before we were going to get kicked out of the United Brethren Church.” Art Cobb (Retired pastor)

“To obey ‘everything I have commanded you’ are still our marching orders. That’s the first priority of the Church until Jesus comes back and says, ‘Okay, now you can quit. Come on home.’ My whole life and ministry has been committed to that until this very day.”  Folmer Strunk (Retired pastor and missionary)

“We are in this together…” John Sills (former General Superintendent).

Holy Living

“Holiness is central to the Evangelical Church because it is central in the Bible.” Brian Eckhardt (General Superintendent).

“Holiness is the pure humble love of Jesus flooding the heart and flowing through one’s life.” Eldon Fuhrman

“The Gospel is good news not only because it promises the hope of forgiveness and new life, but also because it offers the hope of complete character transformation from sinful to holy.”  Brian Eckhardt

“Our declaration about who God is and what He’s done for us will not matter to those who don’t believe unless we first demonstrate the love of Christ to them before they believe.” Jeff Maness

“People need a cause that they are not only willing to live for, but to die for!  Jesus gives us such a cause in His Kingdom!” Steve Strutz (Lead Pastor at Faith E. in Billings, MT)

Before You Go

One more important thing!  We re-elected Brian Eckhardt as our General Superintendent. We really appreciate his faithfulness! Pray for him as he leads us and casts a fresh vision for the future.  If you attended, what were some of the good things you heard?  Love to hear from you!

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  1. Bill Vermillion says:

    Thanks Randy for sharing these and nicely organizing them. That helps me to sense a bit of what went on while i was here in South Korea

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