Next Steps…

The theme of our Pacific Conference Annual Conference is “Next Steps.” It is based on Paul’s appeal to “keep in step with the Spirit” (Galatians 5:25). My prayer is that all of us will come away from our time together with specific “next steps” for our lives and ministry.


During our morning devotions next week, I’ll be sharing some “next steps” Jesus took with the disciples. In Mark 3:14 it reads that Jesus “appointed 12—He also named them apostles—to be with Him, to send them out to preach.”

Here are three questions, based on this verse, we are going to be looking at…

  1. How can we be more intentional? (He appointed…)
    Jesus intentionally picked people to accomplish the mission, He didn’t go it alone, He also gave them an identity and responsibility. The text says he “named them apostles.” As leaders, we need others! We need their help and gifting and we must take the initiative to ask them.

We go first because people come first!

  1. How can we be more relational? (…to be with Him)
    Howard Hendrichs said that most of what we learn is “caught, not taught.” The disciples learned by watching Jesus love and help others. The sad thing is that in the midst of ministry-demands, we often fail to replenish our hearts by spending time with Jesus. God’s Word shows us and Jesus’ example demonstrates, we are designed to spend daily time with Him. Our faith is about relationships, both with God and each other,
  1. How can we be more missional? (…to send them out)
    We know we are called to reach out. For some reason, we, in the church, have expected people to come to us. With the increasing gap between church and culture, we have to stop waiting for the unchurched to wander in; we have to rethink how we can point people to Jesus.


How would you answer these questions for yourself? For your church?

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