Why You Should Consider a Trip to Israel

GOOD MORNING! Have you been to Israel yet? I’ve often said that if you can afford it, every Christian should take one trip to the Holy Land in their lifetime.


I have to tell you that I love Israel! Here are 4 reasons I think you should go to Israel:

  1. You will grow spiritually. I’ve had the privilege of taking many people to Israel and everyone shares that it makes their spiritual life more vibrant and deep. My mom said, “It’s a trip that keeps on giving. Every time I open my Bible, I reflect on what I saw and experienced in Israel.”
  2. You will learn more about the Bible. When you go to Israel, you get to see the Bible, not just read the Bible. One pastor who went to Israel said, “If I bought 50 books on Bible lands, they couldn’t compare to what my trip to Israel has given me.” In fact, going to Israel has been called the fifth Gospel. It turns the Bible from black and white to color.

It turns the Bible from black and white to color.

  1. You will bond with other Christians. A trip to Israel is not a vacation; it’s education and inspiration. I’ve noticed that people who experience Israel together have a special connection with each other. This shared experience leads to lasting friendships.
  2. You will experience another culture. History, culture, religion, and identity are everywhere in Israel. It’s a place to see evidence of life as it was thousands of years ago as well as modern life. Visiting Israel will broaden your understanding and appreciation for the people of Israel, past and present.


Here are a couple of common questions I hear about going on a trip to Israel. They don’t have to be obstacles.

  1. Can I afford it? Going to Israel is not cheap. However, when you think of the education and impact it will have on your life, it is worth it.
  2. Is it safe? Safety is a priority for every tour group going to Israel. In all of my trips, over the past twelve years, I’ve never felt unsafe.

ATTENTION PASTORS AND WIVES: Please email me (randy@pacificecna.org) or call the Conference Office (503-427-0000) for an opportunity for you to go FREE on an upcoming trip spring 2017!

Dowload the brochure here. Or contact the Conference Office to request copies to share.

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