Preparing for an Election

In ten days, we plan to elect a new Superintendent for the Pacific Conference. All pastors and lay members of the Annual Conference should plan to attend. You need to be present to vote, so mark your calendars for next Saturday, August 6th, at 10:00 am at Valley View Church. We will worship, partake of communion, and pray together before our formal election.

Special Election Day
Saturday, August 6th, 2022
at Valley View Church
10:00 am – Lunch


So how do we prepare for this important election? Here are a few things that come to mind:

  1. Continue to pray. Ask God for His will and direction during our time together. We need his wisdom and perspective for the future of our Conference of churches. Ultimately, this is not about who we want as our Superintendent but who God wants. So ask Him!
  2. Take time to reflect. If you haven’t, set aside some specific time to consider who should be elected. Here are some questions: Who is gifted to oversee and care for our pastors and churches? Who can bring needed change for us to be more fruitful? Who is best for unity and clarity for the future?
  3. Talk with others. There is nothing wrong with talking to others as long as it builds others up. Listen to others’ perspectives. Find out what they are thinking and why. However, please guard against gossip or anything disparaging. We are brothers and sisters in Christ, not competitors.
  4. Give grace and deference to others as we vote. We use the “open ballot” in selecting our Superintendent. Every pastor ordained/assigned for five years or more is nominated. While some may have issues with this process, God can and will use it. We plan to elect electronically this year, so bring your phones or tablets to cast your vote.
  5. Predetermine to support and encourage our new Superintendent. I was elected the first time with 52% of the vote (after the third round). That meant 48% voted for someone else to be Superintendent. Yet, I felt the support and blessing of the entire Conference. My point is that whoever is elected needs our backing, even if you didn’t vote for them. This is an opportunity to demonstrate the love and unity for which God’s church should be known.


What else can we do to prepare for our election? Love to hear from you! Need more details regarding the Special Session on August 6? Email Nancy at

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