Things Overheard at Midyear Retreat

Linda and I have always enjoyed “Midwinter Retreat,” which is now called our Midyear Retreat (since we meet in May). We look forward to the time away, being with fellow pastors and leaders, walking the beach, and even playing some games. Worshiping, praying, and growing together. Everything makes it a special time together.

Let’s Talk

This year our worship team was led by Pastor Garret Beatty. He and the team graciously led us into the presence and praise of God. The speaker was Dr. Matt Friedeman from Wesleyan Biblical Seminary. He passionately and clearly shared from the Beatitudes. Here are some quotes we gathered from him and others as we were together.

  1. “The Beatitudes are a self-portrait of Jesus; they reflect the character of Christ.” (Matt Friedeman)
  2. “I feel like a mummy. I’m pressed for time.” (Cameron Ury)
  3. “Character is built in service and community” (Matt Friedeman)
  4. “No matter what’s happening in your life, this is a safe space to meet and worship God.” (Garret Beatty).
  5. “Right now, we need to come together in prayer and fasting for our future.” (Supt. Randy)
  6. “A wooden bowl is completely useless when it’s full of itself. We need to surrender afresh. Lord, I am empty; please fill me with You!” (Matt Friedeman)
  7. “If you don’t have time to do it right, when will you have time to do it over?” (Keith Dickerson)
  8. “It was a God thing.” (Aaron Anderson talking about their youth mission trip to Mexico, especially about how several of their young people feeling God leading them deeper into missions)
  9. “We need to run to where the pain is in our communities. It is there the Gospel can make a difference.” (Matt Friedeman)
  10. “Mourning is having a heart broken over the things that break God’s heart.” (Matt Friedeman)
  11. “We should do works of mercy at least once a week.” (Matt Friedeman)
  12. “Church planting is the future of our Conference.” (Mitch Lee)
  13. “The problem with the church is that we talk about the Bible, but fail to apply it.” (Matt Friedeman)
  14. “Get out of the salt shaker and be salt to the world around you.” (Matt Friedeman)
  15. “When you are bumped, what fills you spills out.” (Matt Friedeman)
  16. “Being merciful, not rude and boisterous is the key to sharing the Gospel.”

Before You Go

Continue to pray for our Conference and Denomination in the coming days. Here are specific things to remember in your prayer time:

  1. Election of our General Superintendent and Conference Superintendent.
  2. Continued talks with the Missionary Church.
  3. God’s will and wisdom for our churches.
  4. Unity and clarity as we work together.

Thanks for a wonderful time at this year’s retreat!

One Comment Add yours

  1. Pam Wright says:

    The Mid Year Retreat is always a highlight. So glad for the challenges from Matt. Glad for the connection with everyone.

    Thanks Randy for your leadership. We appreciate all you do.

    Liked by 1 person

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