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I love good questions. Good questions allow us to reflect rather than react. They draw out deeper observations about ourselves, others, and the situations we face. Todd Henry from The Accidental Creative writes, “I believe that the questions we ask define us. Why do I believe that? Because our questions are an indication of what matters to us, of what we value.” Often it’s difficult to ask and be asked questions. They’re inconvenient and take time. They can lead to additional accountability and responsibility. But even if we try to ignore questions, they are just below the surface of our everyday lives.


Chuck Lawless wrote one set of questions I’ve modified and added to my quiet time. I don’t run through them every day, but they are part of my thinking as I live out my week. Here they are:

  • If someone were with me non-stop for a week, would he see me as such a praying person that they ask me to teach them to pray?
  • If the Bible were taken away from me, would I miss it?
  • Do I talk more about God or to God?
  • Who is closer to following God because I shared the gospel with them today?
  • Am I neglecting physical care (and perhaps excusing myself because I’m so busy doing ministry)?
  • If someone were with me non-stop for a week, would they see Christ’s love for the church in the way I love my wife?
  • When I get stressed, to what idols do I turn (like food, or television, or withdrawal)?
  • Will I help others do greater things for God than I’ve ever done, even if my name is never included in the story?
  • Have I said anything this week I’d be ashamed for others to hear?
  • Would I welcome my wife into my thought life?
  • Did I earn my paycheck last week?
  • If God were to call me home today, would I have gained rewards to lay back at His feet?

Originally posted by Chuck Lawless


What questions do you ask? Love to hear from you!

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  1. Terry Steckman says:

    That is a very good list of questions!

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  2. Cammy says:

    Great character checks to reflect on but I’m curious…..Question two is worded in a way that sounds like it’s implying that a written, hard copy of the Bible is different than the electronic one I use on my iPad. Is that what it means, or is it just asking if you spend time reading scripture?

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    1. Good point. No, I’m sure the question refers to spending time in the Bible, whether on paper or electronically.


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