I’ve Got This, God

By Linda Myers

I have a frightening verse underlined in my Bible. When the people of Gibeon heard how Joshua had conquered Jericho and Ai, they came up with a ruse. A delegation of men went to Joshua saying they had come from a distant country and asked that a treaty be made between them and the Israelites. Joshua 9:14, “The men of Israel sampled their provisions but did not inquire of the LORD.”


How many times have we failed to inquire of the LORD?

l. In my prayer time, sometimes I think things seem too small to bother God with. After all, He has wars, natural disasters, human trafficking, and all sorts of things to keep busy with. I shouldn’t bother Him because I have hurt feelings or feel lonely, or don’t have a clear direction in my life. But then I am reminded of the verse, “Cast all your cares on Him because He cares for you.”

God does care about details. When He gave instructions for priestly garments, He specified that the little bells and pomegranates are to alternate around the hem of the robe. If He cares about little bells, then I think He cares about what concerns me.

2. Other times, I think things are too big for God to handle. I have a bookmark in my Bible with prayer requests. For years I have prayed for things to change, but If I am completely honest, there are times I think God is fresh out of miracles.

The Apostle Paul prayed that God would take away the “thorn in his side.” God didn’t heal him but assured him that, “My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness”                (2 Corinthians 12:9). Paul’s unanswered prayers led him to rely more on God, not less.

I need to remember that prayer is not about getting ‘results” from God; it is about a relationship with God.


I don’t “got this!” I need God in every part of my life. My prayers, both small and unanswered ones, are ultimately seeking God’s will, not my own. I want to trust Him more! The good news is that His will is “good, pleasing and perfect” (Romans 12:2).

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  1. William Harold Vermillion says:

    amen! God help me to be consistent in taking all things to our Lord and fill me completely with Your spirit of love, faith and hope.


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