Many people assume they are good listeners. But, the fact is, listening does not come naturally. We tend to be preoccupied with our own agendas and feelings. In our rush to get things done, we fail to truly listen.


The Bible says that we are to be “quick to listen, slow to speak and slow to become angry. Human anger does not produce the righteousness God desires” James 1:19-20 (NLT). Listening is not an option, it is a command, and we are to make it our first response in relationships. Here are three reasons why!

1. Listening is loving.

Listening lets others know we care. In listening, others feel accepted and understood. One counselor put it this way, “It is impossible to overemphasize the immense need human beings have to be listened to…” (Dr. Paul Tournier).

Listening to the words of others, not our words, demonstrates great affection.

2. Listening is learning

I’ve never learned anything by talking. Telling shares what we know. Listening discovers what we do not know. It is through listening we go beyond our perspective and understand another viewpoint.

Too often we jump to conclusions without knowing all the facts. Only by listening can we fill in the gaps and grow. Someone put it this way, “if you listen longer than most people listen, you’ll hear things most people never hear.”

3. Listening is leading.

If leadership is influence, then listening is crucial. As we listen to each other, we build trust and teamwork. Listening leads to alignment. Studies have show that 60 percent of all management problems are the result of faulty communications.

Andy Stanley reminds us that “Leaders who refuse to listen will eventually be surrounded by people who have nothing to say.”


What to learn more about listening? Join us for this special event! Tomorrow (Thursday, May 20th) , we have a ZOOM MEETING entitled “Lead by Listening” with Dr. Tim Roehl. It is from 9:00 -10:00 AM (PST).  Everyone is welcome. Here is the link: Hope to see you online!

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  1. William Harold Vermillion says:

    so be it! Well said! Amen!

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  2. Marilyn Strunk says:

    Once again, well done Pastor.

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