Random Quotes from Annual Conference

Well, we made it through our Annual Conference entirely online! We appreciate everyone who logged in and participated. Thank you! I love our Conference of churches and the joy of working together for Christ’s kingdom!

Remember that we will post all our sessions on the website so you can watch them on demand.  This includes the morning devotions, the Break Out seminars, and evening services –and by the way, you are free to use them in your local church. Someone asked if they could replay Jay Forseth’s message from Tuesday night and the answer is “Of course!”  Here is the link: www.annualconference.online.

Let’s Talk

So here are a few things heard at Annual Conference…

“The Conference reminds me that I’m not alone.”  Randy DeWater

“Focus on what you can control. We become what we pay attention to.” Dave Jackson

“We have a history together—a good history of the faithfulness of God and His people. And together we have a future and a hope—for the continued faithfulness of God and his people.” Nancy Austin

“I love the Pacific Conference because of all the different types of churches in it, and together we make each one of us better.” James Carmichael

“We need to welcome the addict, the homeless, and the immigrant to the banquet table.” Stefan Serrianni

“You are on mute!” Nancy Austin

Until it’s on your calendar, it’s not a goal, it’s a wish.” Break Out session with Tom Hurt

“I appreciate the relational connectedness of our churches.”  Ryan Thorson

“We may not have been exposed to the COVID virus, but we all have been exposed by it – it has revealed our idols and insecurities.”  Randy Myers

“The Evangelical Church is committed to the integrity and authority of the Bible, both Old and New Testament.” Winston Thurton

“Thanks for the great job you did, Nancy!” Everyone

“Invite people of other cultures into your world. Real relationship goes both ways.” Break Out session with Heather Carmichael

“Everyone is an interim pastor.”  Break Out session with Ron Johnson

“The world is watching and waiting for a people who are submitted to Christ.” Stefan Serrianni

“Has the glory departed from the Church in the U.S.? Is self-centeredness a potential cause?” Russ Couwenhoven

“My Problem: My Idols and my fears / God’s Solution: Worship and Trust Him!” Randy Myers

“Regarding sanctification: Some in our circles believe in what is called the shorter way of sanctification; Others believe in what is called the middle way; yet others believe in the longer way. [Only when called home] Are you willing to be sanctified?” Jay Forseth

Before You Go

If you attended our Annual Conference, I’d love to hear from you! What else do you hear?

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  1. randyrbutler says:

    It was a fantastic conference. Thanks very much. Randy
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    1. Thank you for your faithfulness and leadership.


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