How I’m Surviving

(Staying the Course During a Virus Crisis)

If you’re like me, you are going a bit stir crazy. I guess psychologists call it “Quarantine Fatigue.” I think I’ve caught it. I’m not working as much—I’d say about 60% of normal. This is usually my busiest time of the year because of our Local Conference Gatherings. I’ve had to reschedule most of them now. I wish I could do more for our pastors and churches. There is a sense of helplessness on my part. I’m so so glad that most churches are doing well during this time of uncertainty.

Linda and I are empty-nesters, and with our kids and grandkids some distance away, we feel disconnected from them. FaceTime and WhatsApp are great, but it is never the same. I’m not reading as much as I’d like and I am watching TV more than I’d like. And frankly, I’m growing more restless and less convinced that staying at home is making the difference. Someone said that this is the only time in history that the healthy stay quarantined.


So, in all of that, what am I doing to retain some normalcy and health in my life? Here are some things that are helping!  

  1. I’m keeping a schedule. While its’ not always full, I’m trying to keep up with my weekly routines and new appointments. At the start of each workday, the office has a brief zoom meeting to communicate what we are doing and keep each other on task. I have a specific room for work at home, and I go into the office once or twice a week.
  2. I’m getting proper rest. For Linda and I, we are still getting to bed at our regular time. For us, this is not a time for dormitory hours. I’m getting to bed around 10 pm each night and up around 6:00 am. A few times I’ve even taken an afternoon nap.
  3. I’m connecting with others. Social distancing doesn’t mean social isolation. I’m trying to keep regular contact with our pastors and churches. We FaceTime our kids and grandkids. I phone my parents to see how they doing. Also, we reach out to our neighbors as much as possible. (from a distance)
  4. I’m watching what I eat. Okay, I’m not going to say I have a perfect diet. When I’m bored or anxious, it’s tempting to use food as therapy. Also, when I’m spending more time at home, I’m spending more time closer to the fridge! Seriously, Linda is a great cook and overall, I think I’m doing okay.
  5. I’m still exercising. While I can’t go to the gym, Linda and I have been walking about 5-7 miles each day. We usually break it up into 2-3 walks. I need to do other muscle building exercises, but have been lazy about that.
  6. I’m serious with God. While my prayer is that God would deliver us from this virus, I’m also praying that God would accomplish what He wants to in my life, my family, and in the world. This may be the event God desires to use to bring revival and change to our needy world.
  7. I’m trying to monitor my news intake. I like to keep on top of things, but recently I’ve cut back on the news. Sadly, even a crisis of this magnitude can’t bring us together as a country. The media has politicized the problem, and I’m just tired of it.
  8. I’m trying to be patient. That old country song, “One Day at a Time, Sweet Jesus” comes to mind. Each day is still a gift from God and I need to live it to the fullest even in confinement.


So, what are you doing to keep sane during this time? What is helping you to survive? I’d love to hear from you!

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  1. Rachel Schendel says:

    Thank you for your words Randy. Staying in contact with my small group, doing my Bible study, and avoiding the news is helping. It’s just so hard to not have something specific to look forward to. We are building our house so every spare moment is spent working on it. We were supposed to take a family vacation in June and now don’t think we will be able to go.

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    1. It is good to hear from you! Zoom room has been great to do small groups together!


  2. I’ve been physically active doing a lot of sorting, cleaning, and moving stuff while family members haven’t been using up all my time.
    This hasn’t bothered me like it has others because I’m basically a recluse.
    I pray every day that Juanita and I can go to Israel and Turkey with you next March. We’re ready to book our tickets if the trip isn’t called off.


    1. We still have the trip scheduled, but the backup option is to postpone it for a year.


  3. Jeremy H says:

    Like many of our pastors, I have been busier than ever before recording, editing, rendering, and uploading. It can be fun but takes a lot of time and energy.

    Stress levels have definitely increased and trying to find a schedule that works for getting it all accomplished without a team of “experts” to help has been a challenge. We don’t have anybody else here that has the technological knowledge to pull it off so I do what I can and pray that God will use it for His glory.

    So far the “church” has grown in viewership but I wonder about spiritual health and how some may be really suffering as they are NOT connecting in the new ways.

    Overall we have survived, but we are not flourishing like I would like to see us as a body. By that I mean It feels shallow and disconnected to me and to many that I have spoken with. Once that camera turns off and the screen goes dark one realizes that THIS did not fully replace the “gathering” of His saints. It’s better than nothing and all agree on that.

    I am hopeful for the future and pray that God uses these times to remind those who started becoming the every three week statistic to get serious about gathering in Jesus name. I am also praying that those that have found Jesus in this time can find ways to connect on a deeper level also with other believers.

    Overall, we are adapting and bringing the good news to people in new ways and that is exciting and can create an excitement amongst the church as well. I’ve also realized that my attitude helps to drive that excitement in a positive direction or a negative one. Pray that my attitude stays positive as some days I’m “all in” and other days “I can’t believe I am recording another video”.

    I am praying for you Randy. You are appreciated!

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    1. Thanks for sharing, Jeremy!


  4. Janie Adams Panter says:

    Hello, Randy and Linda! It’s great to see your (masked) faces……..I am keeping a schedule, but as you, am taking things a bit slower. There is joy in that as I take more time for neighbors’ needs, spend more time in solitude and silence (which is lovely), better tend my husband, kids and grands, our garden. Always, I exercise which is the best. Early mornings are spent with our Lord and I pray every hour to come that day that I look to him. I confess I still lose myself in “self” and don’t yield. But still!- His mercy is great. So that is all just as before. Janie Adams Panter


  5. Randy, thank you for sharing with us. As always, your words ring true. We are glad to hear you and Linda are healthy.

    We are meeting weekly with our small group and it is such a blessing to spend time together. We are homeschooling and it is a rollercoaster but we are working through it.

    We will continue to pray for you and Linda, conference staff and our church family!

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    1. Great to hear from you. Miss you all.


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