It’s Okay to Repeat Yourself!

It’s okay to repeat yourself! (See what I did there?) We, as pastors and leaders, often under-communicate. For as much talking as we do, we think saying something once or twice is good enough – everybody got it, right? Nope! Our clarity in communication is a significant factor in our success.


When it comes to vision and direction in our ministry, you can’t over-communicate. Here are four reasons I’ve discovered that make it okay for us to repeat ourselves.

  1. People misunderstand. We may say it, but others may not get what we are saying. Never assume people understand. It’s important to find fresh and creative ways to communicate the vision and direction of the church.
  2. People forget. You’ve heard it before, vision leaks. Someone said that you should repeat your vision until you are sick of hearing it and then repeat it some more. When we consistently share the direction of the church, it helps people remember, and it reinforces the importance of the vision.
  3. People resist. Just because people are attending our church doesn’t mean they buy into the vision. People need to hear the reasons and biblical backing for the church’s mission. That requires time and repetition.
  4. People get sidetracked. It is so easy to be distracted. Even when our congregation is active in ministry, we can lose sight of the bigger picture and purpose. When we continually communicate, it resets the compass and keeps everyone moving in the same direction for the right reasons. This allows us to say yes to the right things!


How clear are you in communicating the vision and direction of the church? Have you ever been frustrated that a pastor or leader wasn’t clear about their expectations and direction?

If you want to become a better leader and communicator, we invite you to attend the Global Leadership Summit Simulcast, a private viewing for the Pacific Conference at Valley View Church. It will be August 8 and 9. Check in is at 8:00 and sessions begin at 8:30 am. We’ll conclude at 4:30 pm on Thursday and at 3:30 on Friday. Registration is just $89 and includes lunch. Email Nancy to register.



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  1. Tom Hurt says:

    Right on Superintendent Randy. In a webinar I viewed some years ago the presenter said the following, “Say it until you are sick of saying it and that is when your church is beginning to get it.” I tried that philosophy out on a new direction we were taking at Christmas and it proved to be absolutely true! It made me realize the four points you speak to and how important it is to “over-communicate” in order for people to know enough to engage in vision and direction.

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