Who’s In Your Corner?

by Tom Hurt

The other day I learned that one of my Junior High wrestling coaches passed away. It immediately took me back to my times of learning a new sport. Before going out for wrestling I had wrestled with brothers, friends, and likely my dad when I was too small to remember. All the practice sessions when this man and the head coach taught, encouraged, and challenged me gave the skills, stamina, and courage needed to succeed. Their coaching made all the difference when I got out on the mat facing an opponent who had every intention of pinning me to that mat. It changed everything to have a “coach in my corner”!

Let’s Talk…

If there is anything I can say about pastoral ministry it would be that there are countless blessings and countless challenges to be faced. Sometimes it feels like there is an opponent who wants to pin you to the mat! In fact, as Jesus taught, our opponent does want to pin you down with his three-fold power moves- steal, kill, and destroy anything of God in our life and ministry. I’m so thankful that we have the Holy Spirit dwelling in us. I praise God that He has my back! I’m also thankful that I have a coach in my corner. He is an instrument of the Holy Spirit to encourage, challenge, build my skills, and inspire courage as I serve the King.

No matter your age or stage of ministry- just starting, in the midterm years, or nearing retirement, having a coach in your corner will be a power asset to your ministry. Here are just a few of the many things a coach can do for you.

  1. Provide an outside sounding board, perspective, and insight.
  2. Encourage and support while navigating big decisions and tough situations.
  3. Ask good questions when trying to manage demands for a healthy ministry and thriving family.
  4. Stand in your corner and cheers for your best and highest dreams!

Before you go…

I wish I would have engaged in pastoral life coaching when I was much younger but didn’t have the opportunity. By God’s grace the Conference has coaches prepared to serve you and your spouse, scholarship funds to help with the expense, and a deep desire to see you thrive as a health leader. Feel free to email me at coaching@thepacificconference.com or call me at 503.312.3525 and I would love to help you get a “coach in your corner”.

One Comment Add yours

  1. William Vermillion says:

    This is very well done, Tom. Excellent admonition for us to have the Coach in our corner as well as human coaches. Thanks for reminding us of our Adversary’s strategies to steal, kill and destroy from John 10:10. What a powerful way to enter this Holy Season as we prepare to celebrate our Lord’s resurrection. Hallelujah!

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