The Benefits of Play

Pastors who play together, stay together! Yes, I made that up!  However, is there a benefit to playing together as pastors? I think so!  Today’s blog is written by Pastor Jon Strutz who is leading our PC Network. The goal of this network is to get pastors and their spouses together to have some fun!

Let’s Talk

Do you ever stop and think about how much time you spend playing together with other leaders? For some it may seem like a waste of time. For others it may be too hard because of your schedule is too full. And for others your self-esteem may be affected because you don’t feel too capable at getting involved in any kind of games that require competition with others. How about simply considering the idea of getting together to have a fun time with other pastors and wives? shared an article on The Benefits of Play For Adults.  Four of the ways are:

  • It relieves stress.(that is something I need all the time)
  • It helps improve brain function(my brain always needs improving😊)
  • It keeps you feeling young and energetic(can’t think of a day where this isn’t needed)
  • It helps improve relationships and your connection to others.(the reason we hope to start this)

PC Network is set up in our conference to provide opportunities for the groups just to have fun.

PC Connect-01Recently a superintendent from a different denomination shared that one of the most significant areas of impact in their conference came from scheduled times of fun for the pastors and their wives.  It keeps happening because they enjoy it.

I know you are busy, family life is hectic, ministry can be tough, but why not sign up for your regional event designed for fun.  John 10:10 reminds us that Jesus came to give us life abundantly…  Excited to see you grow as you experience fun with other pastors and wives this next year.


There is someone  in your area  who is set up to help plan an activity.  If you haven’t heard in the next month or so call Nancy and see who is working on it.  They may need your help.


Jon Strutz

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  1. Bill Vermillion says:

    Thanks Jon. Yes play increases spontaneity and decreases resistance. essential for both individual and group development.

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