36 Great Quotes from the Leadership Summit – 2018

This past week the Pacific Conference hosted the Global Leadership Summit via online streaming. We had a great time of learning and fellowship together. It may have been best roster of speakers ever! You can check out a highlight video (scroll down) on our website.

Here are some great quotes from the event.



“How we use our power is the measure of our leadership. Great leaders use their power to empower other people.” Danielle Strickland @djstrickland

“Most leaders could learn from their mistakes if they weren’t so busy denying them.”- Craig Groeschel @craiggroeschel

“You will never be a leader that people love to follow if you don’t love people.” Craig Grosechel @craiggroeschel

“Part of your divine assignment as a leader is to make a decision, even in the face of incomplete data. Every decision you make will either give you a blessing or a lesson. Both are valuable.” Carla Harris @carlaannharris

“When people see someone who is confident and comfortable in their own skin, they will gravitate to that person.” Carla Harris @carlaannharris

“Leaders are responsible to create environments where people can be their natural best selves.” Simon Sinek @simonsinek

“Leadership is not about running from your fears- it’s about leaning into your fears and then breaking through them.” Erwin McManus @erwinmcmanus

“How many of us thought we failed, but actually we just quit?” Erwin McManus @erwinmcmanus


“A great vision is only as good as your ability to deliver daily wins.” Strive Masiyiwa @strivemasiyiwa

“Visions start in small places.” T.D. Jakes @BishopJakes

“Always have a vision gap that requires you to need more more.” John C. Maxwell  @johncmaxwell

“Women’s empowerment is a key to so many things improving in our world. Never give up on the dream of men and women working together.” Danielle Strickland @djstrickland

“If you aren’t clear about what success looks like, you will create a tremendous amount of frustration. Productivity goes down when things aren’t clear.” Carla Harris @carlaannharris

“In hiring, look for a we kind of person instead of a me kind of person. It’s not about hiring great individuals but how they fit into the team.” Angela Ahrendts @angelaahrendts


“The higher you go as a leader, the more important it is to connect and over communicate.” Angela Ahrendts @angelaahrendts

“A misuse of power is coercion and threats: Are you kind to those you lead? Do you treat them well? Can you accept change? Do you cut people off when they’re talking? Do you close yourself off to feedback? Do you show regard for people’s opinions or feelings?”  Danielle Strickland @djstrickland

“You can mentor all you want but if you don’t model it, I won’t see.” Strive Masiyiwa @strivemasiyiwa

“Instead of asking who’s right, ask what we think this conversation is about. Instead of asking who’s fault it is, ask what did we do to contribute to this situation.” Sheila Heen @sheilaheen

“When you push 2D content into a 3D medium, you waste time. When you push 3D communication in a 2D medium, you miss out on potential and you risk mishandling the information.” – Juliet Funt @whitespaceatwrk

“Diversity ≠ innovation. Diversity x Cultural Intelligence = Innovation.” – David Livermore @davidlivermore


“The only proof of life after death is life before death. Die and live for Christ!” Erwin McManus @erwinmcmanus

“If we’re doing what God is calling us to, we are not losing anything.” Strive Masiyiwa @strivemasiyiwa

“Learn to believe in crazy stuff. You need a vision that goes beyond your provision.” T.D. Jakes @BishopJakes

“The way you differentiate yourself is by taking risks.” Carla Harris @carlaannharris

“Is comfort or success more important?” -Rasmus Ankersen @rasmusankersen

“Too many companies hesitate to change, they wait until they have a burning platform.” Rasmus Ankersen @rasmusankersen

“Celebrate mistakes—if you want your team thinking innovatively, they must know it’s ok to make mistakes.” Carla Harris @carlaannharris


“Leaders, keep your hands off, and let people try things.” Juliet Funt @whitespaceatwrk

“Don’t just delegate tasks. If we only delegate tasks, we’re creating followers. But if we delegate authority, we’re creating leaders—people with creativity and innovations.” Craig Grosechel @craiggroeschel

“If all roads lead back to you, your success will be capped.” Carla Harris @carlaannharris

“The more we have our fingers in everything, the slower we’ll move.” Juliet Funt @whitespaceatwrk


“If you are still excited about what you did 5 years ago, you’re not growing.” John C. Maxwell  @johncmaxwell

“Leaders should fight against the fear to learn from others.” David Livermore @davidlivermore

“Instead of asking who’s right, ask what we think this conversation is about. Instead of asking whose fault is it, ask what did we do to contribute to this situation.” Sheila Heen @sheilaheen

“Your authenticity is your distinct competitive advantage.” Carla Harris @carlaannharris

“The bridge between short-term actions and long-term success is consistency.” Strive Masiyiwa @strivemasiyiwa


Are you ready to sign up for next year? Mark these dates down: August 8-9, 2019. Or better yet: Sign up! Use priority code “PV2019”.

Are there quotes that you think should be included? Share them in the comments!


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