Gathering Together

Next weekend we gather together for our General Conference in Portland (June 30-July 2). We will be celebrating our 50th anniversary as a Denomination. Wow! We are a relatively young group of churches with a strong historical past. Did you know that our roots go back to the first denomination founded in America?

So why is gathering together so important? I know we are busy and summer is not without its distractions. Here are three important reasons to come together next week.


  1. It reinforces our identity.

During these past few years, we have been asking ourselves this important question: “What is the compelling reason for us to be a Denomination?” As we have met and prayed and planned, two things stand out. First, we are family! We really want to be together! Second, we have a calling! Brian Eckhardt has put it this way, we are “a movement of disciple-making churches.” That’s why we exist.

  1. It rekindles our relationships.

It’s good just to get together! I look forward to seeing many of you from the Conference and others across our Denomination. It is so important to share what is going on in our lives and within our churches. Honestly, I see more unity among us than ever! It a privilege to be part of this group!  You are my fellow-workers and brothers and sisters in Christ!

  1. It refocuses our future!

One of the exciting developments is the “951 Movement.” Its name is taken from our Discipline which talks about the urgency for us reaching the lost and seeing people discipled. A number of pastors and leaders will be sharing about what God is doing in and through their local churches. The prayer is that there will be a holy fire lit among us!


951 Movement-04


If you have not registered, it’s not too late.  Even attend a service or two at night! I’ve love to see you there! Registration is open until Tuesday, June 26. You can register at The Evangelical Church website and check out the schedule here. Other questions? Contact Hannah at the denominational office.


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  1. J Tusant says:

    I really appreciate what you’re saying, so appropriate for our day. I’ll be there,. . . try to come as often as I can, if not the entire time.


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