Baby Steps

“We terribly overestimate what we can do in one year and underestimate what we can do in five.” That’s a quote I heard many years ago and often repeat! By the way, it was said by former president of World Vision, Ted Engstrom.

While it is important for us to trust God for great things for our ministry, it is crucial that with start with “baby steps.” In other words, think big and act small.


Why are baby steps so important? 

  1. Baby steps allow for growth. Just as growing physically takes time, so does change. Some goals are larger than we are ready for. As we start small, we can mature and learn. Small steps allow us to make progress without getting too far ahead.
  1. Baby steps relieve anxiety. When it comes to change, most people fear the worst. When we move slower, it allows people to understand and buy into the changes ahead. I read that 2/3 of our brain cells in the flight-fight part of our brain, the amygdala, are wired to pick up on the negative. Taking baby steps makes space for other emotions to catch up!
  1. Baby steps bring clarity. It’s one thing to have a great goal, it’s another thing to align everyone with that goal. Change happens best when people are kept in the loop. Communicating the little steps help others realize where you’re going and why.
  1. Baby steps make it doable. Breaking up large goals into smaller milestones makes them easier to achieve. It keeps us motivated as we improve and see progress being made, even in little things.
  1. Baby steps let others keep up. Frankly, most leaders move too fast. Baby steps allow for more people to come along. You know what they say, “A leader with no followers is just a guy taking a walk.”

“Whoever can be trusted with very little can also be trusted with much…” Luke 16:10 (NIV)


This is important not just in our personal lives but also in the lives of our churches. If we’re to build healthy churches, we must lead well! What are some ways to take baby steps? What are some baby steps you are taking right now?

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  1. Jana Hill says:

    Thanks Pastor Randy, I could read more of your thoughts on #2. I will keep watching your posts.
    I appreciate this. The goals we set for Safe Families this year felt slightly underwhelming. We hosted about 12 families last year and set 25 as our goal this year. Based on your teaching, we did it right. Plus, now I get why I need to set five year goals! Ah.

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  2. Great to hear all the things being done through Safe Families! Wow! Regarding #2, I believe we all resist change and need to expect that as leaders.


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