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We had a wonderful time at Annual Conference this past week. It was great to see so many of you! About 150 pastors and leaders from Oregon and Washington spent three days doing church business and learning together. We worked and worshiped. We took communion and we shared a table. We remembered, honored, celebrated, and also conducted a bit of business.


Here are some of the things we heard during our time together… (in random order)

“The Conference exists to help build healthy local churches.” –Randy Myers

“I don’t see a 48th verse in Acts 2.” – Nathan Gross, Yakima Evangelical Lay Delegate, regarding a Biblical reference supporting changes to paragraph 208 of the Discipline. … “The Commission on the Discipline is also recommending a revision to the Book of Acts.” –Brian Eckhardt

“Health is not the absence of disease, it is optimal function.” –Nathan Kochendorfer

“Most churches have the DNA of contentment.” –Gordon Penfold

“Some of us feel like we’ve been hung on the line and left out to dry…we need each other.” –Gordon Penfold

“We can follow a religion about Jesus and never follow Jesus at all.” –Brian Eckhardt

“Nothing will change you more than following Jesus!” –Brian Eckhardt

“Our kids get that camp is about Jesus!” –Brian See

“You lead the crew to lead the crowd.” –Keith Kirkpatrick

“Obedience is self-denial.  Have you noticed every time your parents asked you to do something you had to stop doing something you wanted to do?” –Brian Eckhardt

“The only difference between a rut and a grave is the length.” –Gordon Penfold

“When we follow Jesus we expect to change some things, but what about everything?” –Brian Eckhardt

“Prayer has to be the culture of the church. Leaders have to lead this culture of prayer.”

“We are only as healthy as our ‘one anothers.’” –Randy Myers

“During my first years at Journey, I got there early on Sunday mornings to clean the puke out of the parking lot. That’s what church for the unchurched looked like.” –Keith Kirkpatrick

“You cannot video stream or download community. Our most valuable resource is our relationships.” –Randy Myers

“The essence of coaching is walking alongside someone, helping see what they do not see, and give them courage to do what they think they can’t do.” -Josh Conn

“We must be more intentional. To accomplish anything, you must decide something. Nothing happens without a decision.” –Randy Myers

“Jesus was the most intentional leader that ever lived, yet he led with surrender.” –Randy Myers

“One of the most valuable things we have in the local church is community.” –Randy Myers

“The essence of coaching is walking alongside someone, helping see what they do not see, and give them courage to do what they think they can’t do.” – Josh Conn

“It’s time for you to step up — about church planting.” –Jon Strutz

“God is not asking us to protect or to preserve the church. He’s asking us to proclaim the Gospel.” –Jon Strutz

“We debate, we boycott, we petition, but we don’t seem to pray.” –Brian Eckhardt

“94% of who we shepherd are not in discipleship relationships.” –Gary Englert

“When we talk about leadership development, what we’re talking about is disciple making. And the truth about it is if we aren’t disciple makers, we are not doing what God has called us to do.” – Josh Conn

“Let’s give our lives to other people.” –Gary Englert

“Where the kingdom of God comes, people are changed, culture is changed, society is changed.” –Brian Eckhardt

“We, as a church, have a responsibility to develop our youth.” –Brian See

“Paul didn’t plant churches. He made disciples and then churches were planted.” –Keith Twigg

“When you look at all sin, it’s about what I want to do for myself. It’s about what benefits me, pleases me.” –Brian Eckhardt

“Nothing is impossible with God, so the shoe shouldn’t determine the size of the foot.” –Randy Butler

“How can you follow an infinite God and expect to ever complete the discipleship process?” –Brian Eckhardt

“Jesus wanted to be with them. He didn’t want his disciples to only hear his words, he wanted them to see his life.” –Randy Myers

“You can be part of God’s discipleship process in Joanne’s fabrics.” –Brian Eckhardt

“Nothing will transform our culture more than when we make disciples.” –Brian Eckhardt

“Jesus said the evidence of the Holy Spirit in our lives is that we will witness. (Acts 1:8)” –Randy Myers

“We need to hide behind the cross so that people will see Christ.” –Randy Butler

“Being committed to the Pacific Conference simply means being committed to each other.” –Randy Myers

Conference Prayer


We’d love to spend a couple of days with you in August. We are hosting a satellite viewing of the Willowcreek Summit at the Conference Office. The dates are August 11-12. The $50 registration includes the notebook, two lunches, and time together. Please register here. (Use priority code PV2016.) If you are in the Portland metro area, you won’t find a better price on a seminar of this caliber nor will you find such a fantastic group of pastors to talk through what you’ve heard and help you contextualize your learning.

A number of people asked for the information Dr. Randy Butler shared in his interview about the local church. Here is that information. R Butler Core Truths

From our tellers to our speakers and everyone in between, the success of the Conference was determined by your gracious participation so thank you!




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  1. Ken Baker says:

    Thank you Super Randy, I am very fond of pithy and axiomatic comments. I am going put those quotes in my “Things I have learned” file.
    I am looking forward to our WillowCreek video link see ya then and there.

    Keep up the good work, you labor in the LORD is not in vain.


    1. suptrandy says:

      Thanks Ken! Look to being with you at the Willowcreek Summit.


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