Prophet, Priest, or King?

Did you know that Christ’s ministry could be summarized in three primary roles? He was a prophet, priest, and king. Jesus was the ultimate prophet, proclaiming the gospel (Mark 1:15). He was the great high priest, caring for the needy and sick (Mark 1:34). He was the conquering king, calling and leading others (Mark 1:17)….

Appreciating Others

The other week  I shared a blog entitled “Depreciating Others.” Just like a house can depreciate, we can devalue people. When you think about it, almost every interaction we have with another person leaves us feeling either appreciated or less significant. We all want to be appreciated and that begins with us appreciating others. LET’S…

Thirty-two of the Best Things Said at Midwinter Retreat

Right now pastors and spouses have gathered for our Annual Midwinter Retreat in Newport, OR. We are enjoying a time to get away and meet God and each other in a special way. One of the highlights has be under the teaching of A.J. Swoboda. His gentle, yet passionate approach to ministry has been refreshing…

Depreciating Others

Right now the housing market is in a slight slump. I find it interesting that we use the terms “appreciating” and “depreciating” regarding the value of a home. Of course, we always like to see our home go up in value and kind of panic when it goes down in value. Well, just like a…

Slow Down

Remember that Simon and Garfunkel tune that goes “Slow down, you move too fast. You’ve got to make the morning last?” For those under 40, probably not. I know, I’m old! But the fact is, I’m guilty of moving too fast too often.

The Caring Pastor

One of the privileges that I have, as a Conference Superintendent, is to make quarterly phone calls to the pastors in the Pacific Conference. It’s a time for me to catch up with their ministry and spend time praying together. Each time I try to focus on some area to talk about. This winter I’m…

Learning Leaders

We should all be learners. That is especially true of leaders. The day you stop learning, is the day you give up on leading. I really believe that. Most of the time, people can only go a far as their leader. The Apostle Paul was confident enough in his leadership that he wrote, “Whatever you…

A New Year’s Check Up

Happy New Year! Wow…2019! I hope you had a wonderful Christmas and I pray God blesses you this coming year, so you can be a blessing to others!  So how do you start out a New Year? 

Ten Reasons to Be Optimistic About Churches in 2019

Today’s blog is a repost from Thom Rainer. I love his optimism in the midst of the challenges many churches face. He writes, “Just yesterday, I received an email about a church that I thought was headed for closure. Through a series of God-blessed events, the church has turned the corner and will remain a…

The Real Meaning of Christmas

When asked the best thing about Christmas, answers range from vacation time to hot chocolate to ugly Christmas sweaters! In fact, in a list of the twenty-five best things about Christmas, carols, music, and a “time of giving,” come the closest to the real reason for the season. But the words Jesus, Savior, and Immanuel…

Doing Christmas Without Breaking the Bank

Many of us feel extra pressure during the Christmas season. In a recent poll taken by Think Finance, almost half of respondents said their level of stress related to holiday expenses is high or extremely high. Believe it or not, 45 percent indicated they would just as soon skip the season due to financial frustrations….

Your Christmas Visitors

Christmas is the most likely time you’ll have first-time attenders at church. It is so easy just to “go through the motions” and focus on the church family. However, during the holidays, people will drop in and others will bring family and friends, sometimes for the first time in a long time.